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Are orders sent to my POS?

Orders are sent to your POS if it is connected to Deliverect.

Are orders processed immediately?

Orders that are for immediate preparation are typically sent immediately to your point of sale or DMA. There are a few reasons why this may not occur:

  • The ordering channel first requires the acceptance of the order on their platform/tablet.

  • The order is scheduled for fulfillment at a later time or date. It will be sent to your POS or DMA once it is time to prepare it.

  • There was a downtime or issue with our connection to the ordering channel or your POS. All incidents are reported on updates.deliverect.com.

  • If you use the DMA, it was turned off or did not have a stable internet connection.

How can I manage orders?

  • If you use a POS: Manage your orders using your POS.

  • If you don't use a POS: Manage your orders using the Delivery Manager App.

Note that some delivery platforms may require you to manage orders using their tablet.

How do I cancel orders?

Most delivery platforms require you to use their platform or app to cancel an order.

Why did an order fail?

An order can fail for many reasons. You can view the reason by opening the Operation reports page of your Deliverect account. Reach out to our support team if you are unable to diagnose or resolve the issue yourself. Some examples of issues are:

  • There was a mismatch between the items available in your POS and the current menu published to the ordering channel. Follow the steps below to resolve this for future orders:
    Step 1. Access your POS and ensure that you have all products and modifiers available.
    Step 2. Sync these changes into Deliverect.
    Step 3. Publish your menu to your ordering channels.

  • We were unable to reach your POS. Ensure that your POS is turned on and has a stable internet connection.

How do I process a refund?

Deliverect does not process payments made through your online orders for external delivery channels. To coordinate refunds, you'll need to contact the partner directly.

Refunds are supported if you use Deliverect Pay with one of our products (Online Ordering, Order & Pay, or Social Media Ordering). Read this article for details.

How can I ensure orders are processed correctly?

Sync your products and publish your menus regularly to keep your information up-to-date and consistent across all platforms.

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