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Sync Products for a Location
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Changes made to products in your POS need to be synced to Deliverect. Doing so will add, remove, and update existing products, which is important to prevent orders from failing.

Most POS systems allow you to sync products directly to Deliverect. However, some may require you to pre-authorize the changes in your POS or send the products from your POS. Please enquire with your Deliverect account manager or our support team to learn which action works for you.

To sync products from your POS from Deliverect, follow the steps below.

Interactive tutorial

Individual steps

Step 1. Log in to your Deliverect account and select Locations in the sidebar.

Step 2. Find the location you want to sync products from. To immediately sync products, select the Sync products button. By selecting the dropdown icon, all sync options are provided:

  • Sync products: This will update your Deliverect account with any changes detected on your POS.

  • Sync preview: To be aware of potential changes before they are applied, choose this option. A preview is provided on your Operation reports page (see Step 3.).

  • Force sync: All products in Deliverect will be overwritten with the values used in your POS.

Step 3. To see what was updated in your Deliverect account, navigate to Operations and then Operation reports in your sidebar. Find the operation with the type PRODUCT SYNC. Sync previews are also shown on this page with the PRODUCT SYNC PREVIEW type.

Step 4. It is always necessary to republish your menus after completing a product sync. To do so, follow the steps in this article.

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