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Add or Edit Menu Availability
Updated over a week ago

After creating a menu, it is necessary to set its availability. This will define when it is displayed on your channels.

Step 1. Select Menus in the sidebar.

Step 2. Select the icon for the menu and choose Manage availability .

Step 3. Here you can manage existing availabilities or create new ones. To create a new availability, choose from the two options:

  • Add menu availability: Create a schedule for the entire menu.

  • Add category availability: Create a schedule for specific categories. This is not supported by all channels.

Step 4. After choosing a type, select which locations to use. This gives you the ability to offer different menu availabilities for each location.

If creating a menu availability with categories, choose which you want to use. For example, you could select a Breakfast category and specify that it should only be available from 7 am to 12 pm.

Step 5. Click and drag to create an availability that consists of a start and end time.

To duplicate an availability, simply drag and drop it to a different day.

It is possible to split up days by having multiple availabilities with a break between them.

Created availabilities can be adjusted by dragging the start/end of the block.

To delete availabilities, select the trash icon after selecting it.

Step 6. Select the Submit button once ready.

This availability calendar is currently not available for all channels. Contact our support team to find out if the channels you use are supported.

The menu availability reflects the opening times of your store, ensure that the category availability falls within the opening times.

Do not forget to publish your menus after making changes.

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