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Deliveroo: Tabletless Support
Deliveroo: Tabletless Support
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At Deliverect, our goal is to offer you integrations that do not require additional tablets or hardware. Our Deliveroo integration allows you to manage all of your delivery channels from your POS or our Delivery Manager App, negating the necessity of the Deliveroo ROM (Restaurant Order Manager). We call this "tabletless".

Do you need to do anything?

A message will appear on your Deliveroo ROM once you are ready to go tabletless; you can then turn off that tablet. The management of your Deliveroo orders and store will then occur solely through the Deliverect website, our Delivery Manager App, or your POS.

Can you still use the Deliveroo web interface?

Yes! This can still be used as a backup.

Can you still reject/accept orders on the Deliveroo tablet once tabletless is enabled?

While technically possible, we highly recommend performing all actions from Deliverect. It is required to have a fallback solution, like an updated Deliverect Management App active at every location.
As the Deliveroo ROM is not in place any longer, this will mean the order is only accepted once received in the DMA (or POS).

We strongly advise the following for active DMA:

  • A dedicated tablet to set up DMA (kiosk/MDM set-up) to avoid minimizing or closing the app.

  • A Wi-Fi/mobile connection to the tablet.

  • An updated Delivery Manager App. To update or install, go to Apple's App Store or Google Play. Search for 'Deliverect: online order hub'.

Are there any limitations?

  • Buffering orders to the POS.
    Deliveroo orders will be released based on Deliveroo’s pick-up time.
    If you do want to make use of buffering orders, we highly recommend using dynamic times provided by Deliveroo instead of a default set time to avoid couriers waiting at your door. Please contact support for assistance.

Use Deliverect functionality to manage your Deliveroo store

Have a question or need assistance? Reach out to our support team by logging in to your Deliverect account and clicking on the chat icon at the bottom-right of the page.

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