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With Deliverect, your orders go straight to your POS. You can also view them on your Deliverect account or the Delivery Manager App (DMA).

To access your orders via your web browser, log in to your Deliverect account and click on Orders in your sidebar.

The following data for each order is available:

  • Pickup time: The date and time of the order pick-up.

  • Location: The location the order is for.

  • Order ID: The unique ID provided by the delivery channel.

  • Channel: The channel that was used to create the order.

  • Delivery System: The dispatch channel used.

  • Receipt ID: The receipt ID generated when the order is received by the POS

  • Status: The current status of the order. View this article to learn what each status means.


Click on the Filter button to narrow down the results based on different criteria (e.g. location, order status, date).

Additional details

Click on the order to see the contents of the order, previous statuses, and more. In the Display tab, each item is displayed (and PLUs), along with the total, fees, payment method, and if the order is paid.

Canceled orders

If the delivery channel has canceled an order, Deliverect may send through a duplicate Canceled order to your POS.

Deliverect will send a notification to the POS to inform you that the order has been canceled/voided. This is to notify you before you prepare/deliver it. You’ll notice in Deliverect that there may be a duplicate order with the same Order ID and same Receipt ID (to show that it doesn’t enter the POS as revenue twice). This second order in Deliverect is highlighted as Canceled. The Display tab of the order provides additional information.

Why do I have Remake orders?

Deliveroo will send through remakes of orders. These can be due to driver or restaurant errors. To clarify which, please reach out to your Deliveroo account manager.

These orders will be sent through to Deliverect, and then to your POS, as fully paid orders. The order note will highlight whether or not this is a remake, so you can decide if you need to manually void the cost in your POS, as you may not always receive the balance from Deliveroo if the fault is yours.

What happens when I have a failed order?

There are several reasons you could have a failed order. When an order fails before it reaches Deliverect, no receipt ID will be generated. This means the order hasn't reached the POS.

The reason for the failure is provided in the Display tab.

You can retry the order if you have resolved the reason for the failure (e.g., by turning on an offline POS or doing a product sync for an invalid PLU).

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