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Dispatch: Introduction
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Dispatch by Deliverect uses data to automatically assign orders to your own drivers or to local last-mile providers.


  • An account with a dispatch partner or your own delivery couriers.


  • What happens when there are no drivers available? You will either have to deliver the order yourself or cancel the order.

  • Are you able to use dispatch partners if your e-commerce or online ordering site does not integrate with Deliverect? No, it is necessary for orders to come in through an existing integration connected to Deliverect.

  • Do dispatch partners work with phone orders? No, the order needs to come from an integrated channel.

  • What if the creation of a dispatch job fails? Please visit the platform of the dispatch provider and manually create a delivery job.

  • What if an order gets canceled? You can cancel the dispatch job straight from the Delivery Manager Application by clicking on the Help icon for the order.

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