Order Statuses
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Below you can learn about each order status in Deliverect.

Not every POS supports all these statuses. They are also not sent through to your delivery channels.

If you need any assistance with an order, please reach out to our support team.


The order is accepted by the POS.

Auto finalized

The order has been finalized automatically by Deliverect.


The order has been canceled by the end customer.

Cancel failed

The POS is not able to cancel the order.


This order has been canceled by the POS/restaurant.

Courier arrived

The courier is present at the location to pick up the order.


The order has been deliberately not accepted by the restaurant.


The order was rejected by Deliverect as it already exists.

En route to dropoff

The courier is on their way to the customer.

En route to pickup

The courier is on their way to pick up the order from the location.


Something has gone wrong when sending the order to your POS.


The order is finalized in your POS.

In delivery

The order is being delivered.


The order is acknowledged by your POS.


Deliverect has processed the order. If the order remains on this status, we were unable to send it to your POS, or your POS denied it (POS may be turned off).

POS failed

Something has gone wrong with updating the status of the order.


The order is currently being prepared by the kitchen.


The order is printed.

Receipt not found

Your cloud POS has sent the receipt to the POS server, but we haven't received an acknowledgment that the POS server accepted the order.

Received by POS

Your POS has received the order.


The order was manually resolved after failing.

Retry failed

Deliverect has attempted to retry your order but the order has failed.


The order is held at Deliverect and not sent to the POS until it is time to prepare it.


Deliverect has received a status update from your POS that isn't recognized.

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