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Track Performance Using the Analytics Page
Track Performance Using the Analytics Page
Updated over a week ago

On the main Analytics page, explore historical data about your locations. After logging in to your Deliverect account, click on Analytics in your sidebar.


At the top of the page, a graph shows the evolution of revenue, orders, average order value, and revenue breakdown. Just below, you can find individual sections for menu items, locations, and channels.


At the top of the page, you can filter the data displayed. The options are:

  • On locations

  • On custom tags

  • On channels

  • On date

It is possible to utilize all filters at once and with multiple locations, custom tags, and channels simultaneously. This allows you to specifically choose which information is shown, useful for understanding how your business is/was performing in specific areas or time periods.

Graph for Revenue, Orders, & Average Order Value

The top part of the page tab displays a graphical representation of the revenue, orders, and average order value of your chosen filter. For each type, you can compare to the previous period, or selected locations, channels, and custom tags.


This graph offers a look at how your revenue has changed over time. Revenue is the total payment amount of successful orders, minus any delivery fees, tips, service charges, or discounts. Taxes are included.


Interested in seeing how many orders have been received? This graph has that covered.

Average Order Value

Find out how much customers pay on average for their orders.

Revenue Breakdown

See your total revenue, delivery costs, discounts, tips, service charges, and taxes. Hover over the graph to see the exact data.

Menu Item

Discover which items are the most popular. Clicking on the Items heading will change the sorting of the list to least ordered.

Clicking on the View More link will show a full page. Selecting an item will provide a page for that single item with additional metrics.


Each location that you manage will be listed here. See how they are performing by their total orders and revenue.

Click on the View More link to see the full list or on a location to see additional details.

Full page view

Once you click on the View More link, the full list of locations will be shown, including their:

  • Total orders

  • Revenue

  • Gross sales

  • Average order value

Single location view

After clicking on a location, you will be shown the following metrics:

  • Total orders

  • Total revenue

  • Average order value

  • Best selling product

Use the tabs above the graph to view the revenue, orders, and average order value. The current and previous time periods are displayed. By using the filters at the top of the page, you can customize what data is provided.


Quickly see which channels are providing the most orders and their revenue. Clicking on the Orders heading will sort the channels from the lowest to the highest number of orders.

The View More link is currently not functional (coming soon). However, you can click on a channel to see additional details about it.

Single channel view

Clicking on a channel will provide the following metrics:

  • Total orders

  • Total revenue

  • Average order value

  • Best selling product

The revenue, orders, and average order value can be seen in a graph. This can also be compared to the previous period or selected locations. Filters can be applied at the top of the page.

Exporting data

For each option, an export can be created to be used by an external application. Click on the Export button.

The CSV can be downloaded from your Operation reports page.

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