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View Order Statistics and Comparisons
View Order Statistics and Comparisons
Updated over a week ago

See how many orders you have received, along with revenue and error rates. In addition, identify when your business is receiving the most (or least) net revenue/orders.

To access, select the Analytics option in the sidebar and then Orders.


By utilizing the available filters, show only specific locations, brands, channels, or timeframes.


Your order data is displayed in the following graphs:

  • Orders

  • Revenue

  • Average order value

  • Revenue breakdown

  • Error rates

For each type, you can compare to the previous period, channels, custom tags, or selected locations.

Hourly comparison

Days and hours are represented in a heatmap. The darker the color, the higher amount of orders/net revenue. Hours in blue (marked with a - ) show when your location wasn't open for orders.

Orders/Net Revenue

To change the type shown, select the View dropdown.


Select the arrows to change the displayed week.

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