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View a Sales Comparison
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Understand the impact of campaigns or operating changes by comparing sales periods. By doing so, you are able to decide if they had a positive impact on your business. For example, you could see if you received more orders on your Deliverect Online Ordering channel in November compared to October.

This feature is included in Deliverect Plus. Learn about the additional benefits and how to subscribe.

How to access

In your sidebar, select Analytics followed by Sales comparison .

How to use

At the top of the page, enter the following information:

  • Compare revenue for: Choose the time period to analyze.

  • Compare to a period of: Choose the total number of weeks prior to the Compare revenue for dates.

  • Channels (optional): Select one or multiple channels.

  • Locations (optional): Select one or multiple locations. Location groups are also supported.

Once ready, select the Compare button.

Your revenue, orders, and average order value are shown for the chosen period and previous timeframe. These are provided to you as individual values and also plotted on graphs. Hovering over a data point in a graph will display the exact value for that moment.

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