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Discover ways to reduce the amount of refunds you receive on your channels. Learn which locations, channels, and times require the most attention.

This feature is included in Deliverect Plus and only available for some customers. Click here to learn about Deliverect Plus, the additional benefits, and how to subscribe.

At present, this feature only shows refund reasons for Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Deliveroo requires importing data, learn more.

To find this feature, select Analytics in the sidebar and choose Refund reasons .

Overview tab

At the top of the page, view some key refund metrics.

  • Refunded orders: The total number of orders refunded

  • Refunded amount: The total price of all refunded orders

  • Your refunds: The total price of refunds paid by you

  • Channel refunds: The total price of refunds paid by your channels


Customize the data by adjusting the filters at the top of the page. You can filter on timeframe, locations, channels, and custom tags.

Locations most impacted

View your locations sorted by refunded orders. Use this table to understand which locations are most affected by refunds. By selecting a location, you are sent to a page showing all refunded orders for that location (view this section for details).

Select the View more link to view a dedicated page for this information.

Revenue impact by refund reason

Find out the most frequent refund types and their impact on your revenue. Hover over a refund type for a detailed breakdown.

Refund reasons over time

This graph shows the total occurrence of a refund reason grouped by date. Hover over the graph to receive a detailed breakdown of the reasons and how often they occurred for that date. Select the dropdown at the top right to show/hide specific reasons. View the list of possible refund reasons.

Refunded orders by hour

Use this heatmap to gain insight into the times that produced the most refunds. The darker the sections, the more refunded orders. Hover over a time to view the total refunded amount and the reasons.

Problematic timeframes may indicate insufficient staffing or operational challenges.

Refunded orders by channel

The pie chart shows the total refund rate per channel. By hovering over a section, uncover the total refunded amount in addition to the amount paid by your restaurant and the channel.

Refunded orders tab

All orders are shown for the currently active filter.

Select the order to find out the cause of the refund. All related items are displayed.

Select the Order ID to view the order on the Orders page.

Locations tab

This tab shows your locations and their refunded orders, your refunds, channel refunds, and refunded amount. Select one of the headings to change the sorting of the table.

Select a location to view all refunded orders for that location.

Import data

Select the Import button at the top right to add data from a delivery platform.

Imports are currently only supported from Deliveroo.

How to export orders from a delivery platform

Select or drag the downloaded CSV file to upload it to your Deliverect account.

Visit your Operation reports page to find out if the import was successful. If you need any assistance, contact our support team.

Refund reasons

Here are the possible refund reasons and some tips on how to prevent them from occurring in the future:

Food Damaged

Ensure that items are packaged sufficiently.

Food Other

Contact the delivery channel for details.

Food Quality

Additional training or staff may be needed to improve food preparation.

Item Missing

Make certain that all items are included in the order. Use Deliverect Kitchen Display to streamline order preparation and packing.

Never Received

The delivery channel was unable to deliver the order. Contact your delivery channel if this is a regular occurrence.

Order Issue

Contact the delivery channel for details.

Order Wrong

Check that staff are always including all items and preparing them to the customer's wishes.


Contact the delivery channel for details.

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