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View Menu Items Sold on Your Channels
View Menu Items Sold on Your Channels
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The Menu Items page shows you which items have been sold, including their revenue, time snoozed, and availability.

Access the page by logging in to your Deliverect account and selecting Analytics followed by Menu items in the sidebar.


Use the filters at the top of the page to customize the data shown to you. The following options are available:

  • On locations

  • On custom tags

  • On channels

  • On date

It is possible to utilize all filters at once and with multiple locations, custom tags, and channels simultaneously. This allows you to specifically choose which information is shown, useful for understanding how your business is/was performing in specific areas or time periods.


Change which type of item is displayed by selecting the different buttons. The data in the table will immediately update.


All items sold are shown in the table. In addition to their name, you can also see:

  • Items sold as item: Total sold.

  • Revenue base: Only the item's price.

  • Successful revenue extended: The item's price and the price of any subitems.

  • Revenue from upsells: Total revenue earned from using the product as an upsell.

  • Revenue from variations: Total revenue earned from using variations.

  • Times Snoozed: The number of times the item was snoozed on each location/channel (e.g. an item snoozed once on 5 locations would show 5).

  • Time Snoozed: The total time the item was snoozed.

  • Availability: Compared to your total opening hours, how often the item was available. This is calculated by dividing the time snoozed by your total opening hours.

Single item view

Selectin an item either from the main Dashboard or the dedicated Menu Items page will provide the following metrics:

  • Total orders

  • Total revenue

  • Most popular order time

  • Revenue from upsells

  • Revenue from variations

Related items

At the bottom of the page, tables are present that show related items.




  • Meal deals that contained the products

  • Modifiers used with the product

Meal deals

  • Products sold in the meal deal


  • Products that contained the modifier


Select the Export button to create a CSV file of the data.

Fields can be included by searching for them, and selecting the x will remove them. Items can be grouped by day, week, or all. Select the Export As CSV button once ready. It can then be downloaded via the Operation Reports page.

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