DoorDash: Resolve Issues
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Need help using the DoorDash integration? In this article, find solutions to common errors and issues.

Error or issue


Exception: Doordash menu push failed: [1000: {"message": "Error while creating menu"}

Shorten descriptions to be under 1,000 characters.

Exception: Doordash menu push failed: The store exists. Please check the menu and channelId

"INVALID_ARGUMENT::INVALID_ARGUMENT: Mismatch menu id and store id"}]

Discounts are not being sent through to Deliverect

Images are not showing

DoorDash has a strict image policy. Please wait at least 72 hours for them to be manually verified. Ensure you are using images with the correct dimensions.

Category availability is not shown on DoorDash portal

Values are not changed after editing an item's name/description and then publishing a menu.

This happens because the item was changed using the DoorDash portal. Only make changes to items using Deliverect.

Step 2. Add the item back and publish your menu again.

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