Edit an Existing Menu's Items and Categories
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Already created a menu but need to make changes? Follow the instructions in this article to learn how.

After making changes, don't forget to save the menu and publish it to your channels.

Interactive tutorial


Individual steps

Step 1. Log in to your Deliverect account and click on Menus in the sidebar.

Step 2. Click on the Edit button for the menu you wish to edit.

Below you will find instructions on how to do the following:

Add new categories

Step 1. Click on + Add category.

Step 2. Give your category a name and optionally a description. Click on the Add category button once ready.

Add items

Step 1. Click on the Add menu items button inside a category.

Step 2. Select the products to add to the category by clicking on them. The search bar at the top right allows you to quickly find products by their name or PLU. You can also choose from the categories in the sidebar. Click on the Add products button at the bottom to finish.

Rearrange items

Items can be rearranged in two ways.


Click and hold to move the item to the desired location.

Sort Menu Items

Click on the Sort menu items button to sort by name or price. The drag-and-drop functionality is also present here.

Edit products

Step 1. To make changes to a product present in your menu, click on the ··· icon ①, followed by Edit product ②.

Step 2. Make any necessary changes to the product and click on the Save edits button.

Edit modifiers/modifier groups

Step 1. First, follow the instructions in the Edit products section above. Once in the edit screen for a product, scroll down to the bottom to find the modifier group(s). Click on the dropdown icon to expand.

Step 2. To make changes to the entire group, click on the ••• icon to the far right of its name.

Alternatively, click on the ••• icon next to a specific modifier to only make changes to that one.

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