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DoorDash: Integration Overview
DoorDash: Integration Overview
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With Deliverect's integration, receive orders from your DoorDash account and have them automatically sent to your POS. You are also able to manage your menu and much more.

How it works

  1. The customer places an order through DoorDash.

  2. DoorDash will automatically assign a pickup time for the driver to pick up the food.

  3. DoorDash will auto-accept the order and send it to Deliverect and your POS or Delivery Manager App.

Note that even though the orders will automatically enter your POS, you may also have to accept it before it prints.

How to set up

Follow the steps in this article. When asked to select your online delivery platform, choose DoorDash.

Menu management

Sent to DoorDash with a menu push

  • Product mapping

  • Product name

  • Product snooze

  • Prices

  • Modifier/option groups

  • Modifiers/options

  • Images

    • DoorDash has a manual review process for each new image they receive. The approval process can take between 3-5 business days. You will temporarily lose access to the images you imported manually on DoorDash during this time and will have no images published while the review is taking place.

  • Descriptions

  • Availabilities of the menu (≠ opening times of the restaurant)

  • Product tags (note that there is a limit to the number of tags)

It can take approximately 20 minutes for menu changes to be visible online.

Required to send a menu to DoorDash

When necessary to push the menu online

  • Every time the menu is changed.

  • When any availability change is made.

When not necessary to push the menu online

Order management

Information sent to Deliverect with orders

  • Order details

  • Pick-up time

  • Order notes

  • Delivery fees

  • Customer info

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