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When you publish a menu using Deliverect, you need to provide product names, descriptions, and images. Attractive images are an essential part of your menu and your online marketing strategy as they will entice potential customers. For that reason, we recommend using high-resolution, high-quality pictures of your food.

But be aware, your channels may have some requirements in terms of the image. Failing to follow these may result in:

  • images not being displayed on some/all channels.

  • your menu not updating on some/all delivery platforms.

  • you receiving a warning from some channels, which, if repeated, may lead to a cancellation of service.

Technical requirements


Our recommended resolution for product images is 1920 x 1080 pixels. It may differ from the minimum requirements of some channels but will guarantee their approval. The maximum allowed resolution on Deliverect is 4920 x 3264 pixels with a size limit of 4 MB.

Orientation & aspect ratio

Images should be in landscape orientation and have a 16:9 aspect ratio (a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels fits this criterion).

File format

The format supported by most channels is JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg extensions).


Whenever possible, we recommend uploading the images directly on your POS. If, however, your POS has limits for images that don't correspond to the above requirements, please follow these instructions to upload images directly on Deliverect.

Be aware that images may look different in Deliverect to how they will appear on your channels. However, if you follow the above guidelines, they will look correct once your menu is published.

Other requirements

Besides technical requirements, delivery platforms have general guidelines designed to retain the look and feel, limit confusion for customers, prevent unfair competition, etc. Here's a summary:

  • Each image must feature only the item it represents (no packaging, decorations, people, hands, etc.).

  • Images cannot include text.

  • The item should take up about three-quarters of the image and be at the center of the frame. Use whitespace at each side of the image, as platforms usually display squared images when showing the whole menu.

  • Make sure you own the rights to your images. Stock images are not allowed.

Here's an example of an image that follows the guidelines.

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