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DMA: How to Use the App
Updated over a week ago

Are you new to DMA? In this article, learn about its features and how it streamlines your operations.


All of your current orders are presented in this tab. Advance the status of orders, view order details, assign a courier, and more. Use the filters to only show orders for specific channels, brands, or order types. Learn more.


Have an item out of stock? Mark it as unavailable by navigating to the Snooze page. Select one or multiple items and tap on Snooze, followed by how long to snooze it for. Items are immediately removed from your online menus. Learn more.


Use the Stores tab to close a store or temporarily increase its preparation time using Busy Mode. Learn more.

Busy mode is not supported by all delivery channels.


On the Dashboard tab, view your total orders, best-selling products, and best-performing channels. Tap on the Open daily recap button to view currently closed channels, snoozed items, and scheduled orders. Learn more.


Head on over to the History tab to check previous orders. All order information is shown along with the available customer details. Learn more.


Visit the Settings tab to customize DMA to your needs.

Your user permissions may restrict you from viewing/altering some settings.

  • General: Install updates, send diagnostic reports, and change the app's language. Learn more.

  • Orders: Change how orders are received and processed. Learn more.

  • Receipt printing: Connect and configure printers for your location. Learn more.

  • Workstations: Set up a workstation to automatically route orders to different printers based on item or brand. Learn more.

  • Notifications: Choose when to be notified of driver updates and if you want notifications when you lose your internet connection. Learn more.

  • Location & user: Change the location for this device, update the opening hours, and set, change, or remove the passcode. Learn more.

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