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DMA: Open, Close, or Activate Busy Mode for Your Location
DMA: Open, Close, or Activate Busy Mode for Your Location
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Can't keep up with orders? Temporarily close your store or delay orders. Here's how you can do that when using the Delivery Manager App (DMA).

How to use

Step 1. Open your Delivery Manager App and tap on the Stores option.

Step 2. You will now be presented with different options.

All stores

The buttons at the top will open or close all stores. If you have a channel that supports busy mode, that option will also be available.

Single stores

To close individual stores or activate busy mode, click on their respective buttons.

Busy mode

With busy mode, your store will remain open for that channel. The preparation (prep) time is extended for new orders by the time that is chosen, giving you some breathing space.

Not all channels currently support busy mode.

Close stores

Set how long to keep the store(s) closed and provide a reason.

These options are not currently available for all customers. Reach out to your Deliverect account manager or our support team to gain early access.

Reopen closed stores

Reopen a store by tapping on the Open store button for that store. You can also use the Open all stores button if you want to reopen every single one.

A reminder is shown if a store is closed for over two hours. You can turn this off by deactivating Enable busy mode notification on the Notifications tab of the Settings page.

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