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DMA: Change Settings
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Tailor DMA to your needs by adjusting the available options. In this article, learn where to find the Settings screen and what each option means.

Open your DMA and tap on Settings.

Here you will find your Settings screen, split up into different sections.


  • App updates: Tap on Check for updates to see if there are any available. New updates are also periodically displayed on the main screen.

  • Diagnostic reports: Tap on Send reports to send log files from the app to our developers. This is useful if you are experiencing any technical issues.

  • Choose language: Change the language used in the app.


  • Automatically accept orders: If active, orders are accepted automatically without notification.

  • Play a sound when a new order comes in: If activated, a sound will alert you to incoming orders.

  • Sound duration: Choose how long the new order notification sound plays for.

  • Select a notification sound: Tap here to choose a different notification sound.

  • Default preparation time: The default time to prepare orders. This only affects channels that support this functionality. Check with your Deliverect account manager or our support team to find out if this is possible with your channels.

  • Automatically finalize orders: If active, you will not need to accept orders manually. Orders are finalized as soon as they are received by the app.

  • Order flow: Here you can manage the different statuses for orders. Read more about this option.

  • Allow indefinite snoozing: If active, items can be snoozed for an unspecified time.

  • Select snooze view: Choose how the Snooze page is presented. Select Menu and List for access to both views. Choose Menu or List to restrict the layout to the selected option.

  • Periodically load the orders: If active, the app will routinely check for new orders. This is helpful if you do not have a stable internet connection.

  • Display the item prices in the App: If active, the prices of individual items are displayed in orders.

  • Allow canceling orders: If active, you can cancel orders from the app. Do note that this is not supported by all channels.

Receipt printing

General settings

  • Configure: Change the settings of the printer, including the options to print bag or kitchen tickets.

  • Automatically print ticket: Activate to print tickets automatically once an order has been accepted.

  • Print rider updates (not supported by all channels): If active, courier updates are automatically printed as they are received.

  • Enable Workstations: If activated, you can configure workstations. Learn more.

Printer configuration settings

  • Bag ticket/kitchen ticket toggles: Activate the type(s) of ticket you want the printer to print.

  • How many times should each ticket be printed?: If the printer needs to create multiple tickets, adjust the number.

  • Adjust font size: Increase or decrease the size of text on printed tickets.

  • Use kitchen name: Choose to use the kitchen name of your products instead of the default name. Learn more.

  • Enable item checkbox: Show a square before each item so they can be easily checked off when bagged (bag ticket only).

  • Print test tickets: Send an example ticket to your printer.

  • Disconnect printer: Remove the printer from the app. You can reconnect it again in the future if needed.

Contact our support team if you want bag tickets to provide the total number of items in an order.

To change the name of the printer, tap on the pencil icon.

Bag ticket example


  • Default workstation: Tap to choose a different default

  • Active workstations: Workstations listed here can receive orders.

  • Inactive workstations: Workstations listed here can not receive orders.

Tap on Edit for any workstation you want to change.


  • Driver update threshold: Choose the minimum driver update time change to be notified about.

  • Notify about internet connection issues: If active, a notification sound will play if a connection to Deliverect is lost.

  • Enable busy mode notification: Activate to be reminded when a store is closed for over two hours.

Location & user

  • Location: Tap on Switch location if would like to manage a different location with this app.

  • Opening hours: Tap on Change opening hours to adjust when your location is open.

  • Set new passcode: Tap here to create a passcode (pin) and automatically start locking the app after closing or minimizing it for over 10 minutes.

  • Lock the app: If a passcode is set, tap here to lock it to prevent any further actions. Enter the passcode to unlock it.

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