DMA: Using the App When You Have a POS
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Use Cases of the DMA

First things first: why would you use the DMA when you already have a POS?

Well, as we all know, a restaurant consists of two parts: the floor and the kitchen. The POS is usually located on the floor and is not visible to the kitchen staff. Therefore, it is very useful to have an extra tablet in the kitchen for the kitchen staff to be able to follow orders, snooze products, and use the busy mode.

Follow orders

When an order arrives on your POS through Deliverect, it also appears on your DMA. Your staff can receive, follow and manage orders. Read more about that here.

The status of the order is taken from your POS by default, but if you prefer that the status is taken from the DMA, please inform your Deliverect account manager or our support team. This is useful when you want to update your preparation time, which is not possible through the POS.

Updating preparation time is only possible with some delivery channels.

Snooze products

You can snooze products when they are out of stock. Snooze certain items for a couple of hours, days, or indefinitely. You can read more about snoozing products here.

Busy Mode

The third use case of the DMA is using the busy mode, allowing you to temporarily close your delivery channel, so no new orders are placed.

This feature is not supported by every delivery channel.

For example, a big group of 20 people enters your restaurant. Your kitchen staff might want to decide to temporarily close the delivery channels, so they can focus on giving this group the best service possible and/or not having delivery customers wait unnecessarily long for their order to arrive. You can read more about busy mode right here.

Using busy mode might penalize your position on the delivery platforms, so only use it when really necessary.

Extra use case: printing settings

If you would prefer to use the printing settings offered by the DMA, there are a couple of things to take into account:

  • Not all tablets and printers are compatible with the app, for more info please check the supported devices: DMA: App requirements and installation.

  • The printer templates from the DMA, at the moment, can not be modified

  • You can use the printing setting only if the tablet itself is linked to an external printer that is not linked to the POS.

It is possible to link a printer to your POS and DMA at the same time, but we strongly recommend you only use the POS printer.

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