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DMA: Snooze Your Products and Modifiers
DMA: Snooze Your Products and Modifiers
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Temporarily remove unavailable items from your online menus by using the snooze functionality. In this article, learn how to snooze products using DMA. If you want to learn about snoozing products on our website instead, take a look at this article.

Please note this feature is not currently supported by all delivery channels.

How to access and snooze an item

Step 1. Open your DMA and tap on the Snooze option.

Step 2. You can snooze items by viewing them as they do on your menu (default), or as a list. To change to the list view, tap on the View as list button at the top right. Using the list view also allows the use of filters to display only products or modifiers.

Step 3. Tap on the Snooze button for the item you want to stop serving.

Step 4. In the new popup, choose the length of time you would like to snooze the item, followed by tapping on the Confirm button.

Step 5. The item will now have the Snoozed status. The remaining time is also displayed.

Snooze multiple items simultaneously

Tick all of the items that you want to snooze. A bar at the bottom of the app will appear, allowing you to choose how long to snooze them. After picking a time, tap on the Confirm button.

Snooze modifiers linked to a product

When tapping on a product that has modifiers, the screen shown below will display. Here, you can choose to snooze one or multiple modifiers.

Do note that snoozing a modifier on this screen will snooze it for all products, not just for the product displayed (if the modifiers share the same PLU).
Also, if you have a product and a similar or equivalent modifier, you will need to snooze both as they are different items. For example, a product called "Cheese sticks" and a modifier called "Cheese sticks" need to be snoozed independently.

Search for products

Use the search bar at the top of the app to quickly find specific items.

Change menu

If you have multiple menus and want to view a different one, tap on the dropdown menu located at the top left.

Snooze an item indefinitely

To snooze an item for an unspecified length of time, activate the Allow indefinite snoozing option. This is found inside the Orders tab of your Settings page.

Once activated, the Indefinitely option will be available when snoozing an item.

Unsnoozing items

Once it is time for an item to be unsnoozed, the item will become available again automatically. However, if you want to end the snooze early, tap on the Snoozed button.

Next, tap on the Unsnooze button, followed by Confirm. The item will be made available in your menus within 15 minutes.

View all currently snoozed items

Tap on the Show x snoozed item button to see all items currently snoozed.

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