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Introduction and Setting Up the App
DMA: App Requirements and Installation
DMA: App Requirements and Installation
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The following hardware is currently supported for use with DMA.

Deliverect does not provide any hardware.


We recommend using a tablet with a minimum screen size of 8.5 inches. The following operating systems/models are supported.

  • iPads supporting iOS 13 or higher:

    • iPad (5th generation or higher)

    • iPad Pro (all generations)

    • iPad Air (2nd generation or newer)

    • iPad Mini (4th generation or newer)

  • Android tablets running version 9 or higher.


  • Star Printers on iOS and Android:

    • TSP100IIIW (Wi-Fi)

    • TSP100IIILAN (Ethernet)

    • TSP100IIIBI (Bluetooth)

    • TSP143IIILAN (Ethernet)

    • TSP143IIIW (Wi-Fi)

    • TSP143IIIBI (Bluetooth)

  • Epson Printers for iOS and Android:

    • TM-m30II (Bluetooth only)

    • TM-T88VI (Bluetooth only)

USB and LAN printing are not yet supported for Epson printers.


The current version of our app can be found in Apple's App Store or Google Play, under the name Deliverect: online order hub. Once installed, log in with your Deliverect account and select the location you'll be using it from. We have a dedicated article with steps here.

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