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DMA: Access and Use Your Dashboard
DMA: Access and Use Your Dashboard
Updated over a week ago

Gain an insight into how your business is doing by viewing key stats from your DMA. Read this article to learn more about this feature.

How to access

Open your DMA and tap on Dashboard.

Displayed information

Tap on Select timeframe to choose the order data to see. The following is provided:

  • Total orders

  • Best selling product

  • Best performing channel

  • Best selling items (includes the total number sold and most popular order time)

  • Best performing stores (includes the total number of orders and average order value)

View your daily recap

You are shown your daily recap at the start of each day to give you a heads-up on essential aspects of your location. To see it again, tap on the Open daily recap button at the top of your Dashboard.

Closed stores

See which stores are currently unavailable. By tapping on Open store, you can quickly make them available to customers.

Snoozed items

Displays a list of items currently snoozed. If they are set to be automatically unsnoozed, the remaining time is shown. Tapping on Unsnooze will make the item immediately available on your menus.

Scheduled orders for today

See scheduled orders that need to be processed today. Tap on View to see the order.

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