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Have you received an error for an order and use Heartland as your POS? If so, view the table below for common issues and how to resolve them.

Error message


How to resolve

[HeartLand POS]: Unsuccessful API response - {"error":"BadRequest"}

Our sync retrieves the categories from the POS and then uses each category to retrieve the items that exist within it. If an item is not properly configured to a category, we will not be able to sync it correctly. When customers try to order these items, we will receive an Unsuccessful API response - {"error":"BadRequest"}.

The item needs reconfiguring to it’s appropriate Report Category, Section, and Groups. (Select the image to enlarge)

[HeartLand POS]: Unsuccessful API response - {"error":"Missing required ingredient for Iceberg Wedge Salad (NEW)"}

If an item is "missing an ingredient" this can mean it is missing a required input of any kind of the order. For example, a missing ingredient could be the type of modifier they are required to choose (ie. type of salad dressing) but it could also mean the size of the ingredient or item.

Compare the modifier groups between the POS and the menu in Deliverect if there is anything missing. If you made changes on the POS, make sure to do a product sync in Deliverect and then re-publish the menu to the delivery channels.

[HeartLand POS]: Unsuccessful API response - {"error":"Unknown items[26] id: PLU"}

This means that the item has not been enabled online from an account level on Heartland.

Edit on your POS and enable the option Allows this item to be seen by customers online. If this is only available at certain locations, go into the Location Override menu and choose where to sell the item.

[HeartLand POS]: Unsuccessful API response - {"error":"We have no connection to the restaurant at this time. If the issue persists, please contact the restaurant"}

This means the iPad/register assigned to online orders is not switched on.

Ensure that the iPad/register assigned to online orders is switched on. If the restaurant has multiple iPads/registers, refer to the serial number and select which to use.

[HeartlandAPI.py:149] [Heartland POS]: Unsuccessful API response: b'{"error":"Your selected order type is no longer available."}'

Order type (Pick Up/Delivery) hours does not match the opening hours of the delivery channels.

Ensure the order type is scheduled to be available during the time the order was placed. Order types can be scheduled hourly or per day.

Unsuccessful API response - {"error":"Some items in your cart are no longer available and have been removed."}

This can refer to several different reasons why an item is not available and at this moment is not related to stock availability. An item being unavailable can be that it is not available during the order time (item has scheduling), the item is not available for online ordering, or the item is not available for order method (e.g., the item is eat-in only and not pick-up).

If an item is not available, make sure you reflect this on the Deliverect menu by removing, disabling, or using the Snooze feature.

Missing Ingredient

If an item is "missing an ingredient" this can mean it is missing a required input of any kind of the order. For example, a missing ingredient could be the type of modifier they are required to choose (e.g., type of salad dressing)

Ensure that all required selections/modifiers for the item in the POS is also reflected in Deliverect.

[Heartland POS]: Invalid order while parsing (InvalidOrder: Heartland: Missing House Account ID in the order payload)

There is no Tender Type or the incorrect one is set.

Ensure that the correct Tender Type is selected in the channel setting. Your Deliverect account manager or our support team can handle this for you.

[HeartLand POS]: Unsuccessful API response - {"error":"The order time is not within valid operating hours for the given location"}

There is a field called Lead time which is usually used to calculate time before the order pickup. Heartland rounds up to the next tenth minute to schedule this pickup time, and so, for the last minutes of the restaurant’s operating hours this round-up is set to the closing time, and thus the order appears to the POS as “outside operating hours”.
For example, if Lead time is 10 mins and the Close time is 10:00pm, and the order arrives at 9:41 pm or later, the order will have the lead time added and then rounded up to the next 10th minute so 9:41 + 10 mins = 9:51 > round-up > 10:00pm and that equals an order outside operating hours.

Review Lead Time
Order placed: 8:29 + 10mins lead time = 8:39 + round up 8:40. What is the operating hours?

If you need assistance, select the chat icon at the bottom right of this page to contact our support team.

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