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Heartland: Online Ordering Setup Guide
Heartland: Online Ordering Setup Guide
Updated over a week ago

For products to be available in Deliverect, set them to available for online ordering and then configure your carryout menu to active and available.

If you see that items in your POS are missing in Deliverect, it is likely that they are not available for online ordering.

Deliverect syncs items with respect to Heartland’s menu hierarchy. For items and modifiers to be correctly synced for ordering, they must exist within a category, section, and menu.

Each of the levels of the hierarchy must also be configured for online ordering or it may cause items within it to be blocked even if the item itself is available for online ordering.
Heartland’s POS supports context and sub-items, but currently, we cannot support these as part of the integration between Heartland and Deliverect.

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