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Heartland: Set Up a Location
Heartland: Set Up a Location
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Read this article to learn about configuring Heartland for Deliverect.

Creating the initial connection to Deliverect

We need both an API key and your Location Number from your Heartland account to allow us to send and receive information from your POS. Provide both of these to your Deliverect representative.

API key

Location Number

Log in to your Heartland account and select Location Setup in the sidebar. At the top of the page, you can find your Location Number.

Correctly setting up Heartland for Deliverect

To allow orders to pass to your Heartland POS correctly, follow the instructions detailed in the sections below.

Configure products for online ordering

Products must be configured to be available for online ordering. Please view this external article to learn how.

If you see that items in your POS are missing in Deliverect, it is likely that they are not available for online ordering.

Assign items to groups and sections

Deliverect syncs items with respect to Heartland’s menu hierarchy. For items to be correctly synced for ordering, they must exist within a category contained inside a section within a menu. Modifiers need to exist within an item that adheres to the above hierarchy.

Configure each hierarchy for online ordering, failing to do so may cause items within it to be blocked from online ordering even if the item itself is available for online ordering.

Ensure that your carryout menu is active and available

Confirm that your iPad is online and connected

If you use an iPad, ensure that it is online and connected. Failing to do so may cause errors.

You can check if an iPad is online by going to the Online Ordering page in Heartland. The Assigned iPad field shows if an iPad is connected.

Pricing Rules

If you use different prices based on the delivery channel, follow the instructions in this article.

Publish menus

After following the instructions above, publish your menu(s) to your delivery channels in Deliverect. To learn how view this article.


Context and subitems

Context and sub-items in Heartland are not currently supported as part of the integration between Heartland and Deliverect.

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