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Solve Invalid PLU Order Issues
Solve Invalid PLU Order Issues
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A PLU (price look-up) is a unique code that communicates an item and its price. The PLUs used must be identical on Deliverect and your POS.

How to find PLU order issues

Step 1. Log in to your Deliverect account.

Step 2. Select Orders in the sidebar.

Step 3. Select the Filter button.

Step 4. For the Order status filter, choose Failed.

Step 5. Find the correct order and expand it by selecting the arrow.

Step 6. Inside the red box, an error code will be shown.


InvalidProduct: Invalid PLU: 123 InvalidModifier: Invalid PLU: 457-M
  • InvalidProduct: The PLU of the product is not the same on your POS.

  • InvalidModifier: The PLU of the modifier is not the same on your POS.

The current PLU is displayed next to the item's name.

Prevent future orders from failing

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