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Deliveroo: Activate Your Integration
Deliveroo: Activate Your Integration
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To start receiving orders from Deliveroo on your Deliverect account, a connection has to be made and authorized. Follow the steps in this article to get set up.

If you need any assistance with this process, please reach out to us.
At the moment, the steps in this article may differ per region.

Step 1. To start with, go to and log in to your Deliveroo account.

Step 2. Select Integrations in the sidebar.

Step 3. Enter Deliverect in the Which POS system do you use? section and select Deliverect (Middleware).

Step 4. Find and check the site(s) you want to connect.

Step 5. In the Site location ID field for each site, enter the Deliverect channel link ID. You can find it in your Deliverect account. Read this article to learn how.

Step 6. Tick the Yes – I’ll update my menu through my till (POS) option in the Do you want to update your menus through your till, too? section.

Step 7. Select Connect your menu. You are shown your Brand ID.

Step 8. Log in to your Deliverect account and select Menus in the sidebar.

Step 9. Select the Publish Menus button.

If you do not have an image set for your menu, edit it to include one. Your menu will otherwise not publish to Deliveroo.

Step 10. A new screen will appear. First, choose which menu(s) you want to publish.

Step 11. Select your Deliveroo channel.

Step 12. Select the Publish menus button.

To check if your menu publish was successful, select the View push history button.

Step 13. Go back to the Integrations page on the Deliveroo Restaurant Hub. Select the Check menu status button. This will confirm if the menu has been successfully pushed.

Step 14. Select the Connect your Orders (POS) button. Your account is now successfully linked. All new orders will be received by Deliverect.

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