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Deliveroo: Discrepancies Between Deliveroo and POS Reports
Deliveroo: Discrepancies Between Deliveroo and POS Reports
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Below you can find some reasons for differences between the total revenue that Deliveroo reports, and the total revenue of Deliveroo recorded in your POS.


Your Deliveroo reports may include the balance before discounts were processed. Please make sure that the total revenue you're looking at in Deliveroo does not include Discounts, Delivery Fees, and/or commission fees.

Missing Orders

Unfortunately, there may be connectivity issues preventing Deliveroo from sending orders to Deliverect. To confirm, compare the number of orders in your Deliveroo dashboard and the number of orders in your POS reports. If there is a variance, check your Deliveroo orders for any warning messages highlighting that orders required manual input into the POS.

Failed Orders

In some cases, Deliveroo orders may fail to inject into your POS. This is most probably because not all products/modifiers have been matched to a corresponding PLU from your POS. To resolve this, follow these steps:

Remake Orders

Sometimes Deliveroo will send through Remakes of orders. These can be due to driver or restaurant errors - to clarify which, please reach out to your Deliveroo account manager.

These orders will be sent through to Deliverect, and then to your POS, as fully paid orders. You may notice that in your Deliveroo dashboard, these orders are assigned £0.00. This is because it may be your fault, or you're awaiting Deliveroo's decision on whose fault it is.

The Deliverect Order Note will highlight whether or not this is a remake, so you can decide if you need to manually void the cost in your POS, as you may not receive the balance from Deliveroo if the fault is yours.

In the Order Note, the number following the '-' will tell you which order the remake is from. In the below order, the original order was #2102:

This information can also be found if you select Export orders on the Orders page. If you have a high level of Deliveroo remakes and would like to locate them easily, use the filters at the of the page to select Deliveroo as the delivery channel. After opening the export on your computer, search for Remake to easily find the orders.

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