Create an Upsell Group
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Upsells are a way of allowing your customers to purchase something extra with their orders. For example, an extra drink or a side. Once created, they can be added to your menus.

This article is only relevant if you do not have a POS integration. If you do have a POS, you can create them on there and then sync them to Deliverect.

Interactive tutorial

Individual steps

Step 1. Log in to your Deliverect account and select Products in the sidebar.

Step 2. Select the + Create button.

Step 3. Choose Upsell Group.

Step 4. Fill in the details. Fields marked with an * are required.

  • Name*: Enter a name for the upsell group (e.g. Extra side?).

  • PLU*: Automatically created when saving, but you can add something specific if desired.

  • Description: Add extra information (e.g. Why not treat yourself to a delicious side?).

Step 5. Select the Add a product button.

Step 6. Find and check the product(s) and then select the Add button .

Step 7. Select the Create button.

Step 8. Additional settings are now available:

- Change the status of your upsell group; changing this to Inactive will remove it from any menus (after publishing them).

- Set how customers interact with the upsell group:

  • Require selection: If activated, customers will have to choose an upsell. To require multiple upsells to be selected, increase the number in the field.

  • Maximum selection: How many upsells customers can select.

  • Allow customers to select an item more than once: If activated, customers can choose the same upsell multiple times.

- Select the ⋯ button for a product to make changes to the product, customize it, activate auto-apply (for free products), copy the PLU, or remove it from the upsell group. Also, additional products can be added or created using the buttons at the bottom.

Step 9. Add the upsell group to one or multiple products. To do so, follow the instructions in this article. Don't forget to publish your menu afterward.

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