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Simphony: Create Simphony Combo Meals in Deliverect
Simphony: Create Simphony Combo Meals in Deliverect
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To set up Combo Meals (meal deals) in Deliverect, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open your EMC and navigate to ConfigurationSalesCombo Meals.

Step 2. Here you’ll see a list of the Combo Meals you will need to create as meal deals in Deliverect. They are easily identifiable by their IDs (shown in the image below).

Step 3. Log in to your Deliverect account and select Products in the sidebar.

Step 4. Search for a Combo Meal using an ID found in Step 2. and select it.

Step 5. Activate the Is meal deal item? toggle.

Step 6. Select the Save changes button.

Step 7. To confirm this change, enter CONVERT TO MEAL DEAL and select the Convert to meal deal button.

Step 8. You are now able to set up your meal deal as it is on your POS. Scroll down to add or create meal deal sections.

Meal deal sections

This article contains instructions on how to set up a meal deal section. Simphony has some additional settings and things to be aware of, which are explained below:

  • When creating/editing meal deal sections, the menu level and sub menu level can be set (these values come from your POS). The levels are then applied to all products inside the meal deal section.

  • The first meal deal section must match the Primary Combo Group on your POS. This is found by going to ConfigurationSalesCombo Meals on your EMC. Add the product(s) contained in the Simphony Primary Combo Group to the first meal deal section in Deliverect.

  • To change the price of a product inside a meal deal section, select the Surcharge option and enter the additional charge.

  • It is not possible to add modifier/modifier groups inside meal deal sections.

  • The Is upsell toggle that was in the previous Products page is replaced by upsell groups. You can use upsell groups to add items that do not belong to the Combo Meal on your POS. Learn how to create upsell groups.

  • It is necessary to fully replicate your POS Combo Meal in Deliverect. Add every side from the POS Combo Meal using meal deal sections.

Step 9. Once your meal deal is configured, add it to your menu and send a test order to check if it comes through to your POS correctly.

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