Create a Meal Deal
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Meal deals are a combination of products with a fixed price.

For example, you could create a meal deal that contains a burger, drink, and dessert:

🍔 Choose your burger (meal deal section)

  • Cheeseburger (product)

  • Fishburger (product)

  • Chickenburger (product)

🥤 Choose your drink (meal deal section)

  • Cola (product)

  • Orange juice (product)

  • Water (product)

🍨 Choose your dessert (meal deal section)

  • Ice cream (product)

  • Cheesecake (product)

  • Tiramisu (product)

This article is only relevant if you do not have a POS integration. If you do have a POS, you can create them on that platform and then sync them to Deliverect.

Create a meal deal

Interactive tutorial

Individual steps

Step 1. Go to the Products page in your Deliverect account.

Step 2. Select the + Create button.

Step 3. Choose Deal.

Step 4. Provide some information about your meal deal.

Fields marked with an * are required.


  • Name*: Name of your meal deal.

  • PLU*: This will be automatically generated.

  • Image: An image that represents your meal deal.

  • Description: Describe the meal deal.


  • Base Price*: Enter the standard price for the meal deal.

  • Bottle deposit price: If applicable (for beverages and depending on state/country), enter the required price for recycling/deposit.

  • Delivery Tax*: Enter the tax for the meal deal when being delivered.

  • Takeaway Tax: Enter the tax for the meal deal when being picked up.

  • Eat In Tax: Enter the tax for the meal deal when the customer eats in.

Step 5. Select the Create button at the bottom of the page.

Step 6. Add extra information to the product.

- Change the status of the meal deal. Setting this to inactive will remove it from sale.

- Add product specifications. These include tags, allergens, nutritional values, and more. View this article for all possibilities.

- Check if this meal deal is not a physical item. This is useful if the item does not need to be counted when individually packed (only relevant for the Delivery Manager App and not available to all customers). Contact our support team for more details.

Step 7. Add an existing meal deal or create one. View the section below if you need to create a meal deal section. Upsells can also be included in your meal deal (this article provides information about creating upsell groups). After adding/creating meal deal sections, your meal deal is complete and ready to be added to your menus.

Create a meal deal section

Interactive tutorial

Individual steps

Step 1. Select the Create a meal deal section.

Step 2. Fill in the following fields:

Fields marked with an * are required.

  • Name*: Name of the section (e.g. "Burgers").

  • PLU*: This will be automatically generated.

  • Description: Provide some information about your section. (e.g. "Choose a burger.")

Step 3. Select the Add a product button.

Step 4. Choose the products to include in this meal deal section.

Step 5. Select the Add button.

Your products are now displayed. If you want some products to cost extra, activate the Surcharge option and set a price. Select the ⋯ button to make changes to the product, customize it only for this meal deal section, or remove it.

Step 6. If needed, change the default settings of the section.

  • Require selection: If the customers must choose at least one option, activate this checkbox.

  • Maximum selection: If there should be a limit on the number of products added to a meal deal, activate this checkbox and enter the amount.

  • Allow customers to select an item more than once: If customers should be able to add the same product multiple times to their order, activate this checkbox.

Step 7. Select Create to finish. Repeat these steps to create additional sections for your meal deal.

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