Create a Variant
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With variants, offer your customers a group of products consisting of different sizes, flavors, or something else of your choosing. Here are some example variants you could use:

🍕 A pizza variant containing a large, medium, and small pizza.

🥤 A cola variant containing a regular cola and a diet cola.

🍨 An ice cream variant containing chocolate ice cream and vanilla ice cream.

This article is only relevant if you do not have a POS integration. If you do have a POS, you can create them on there and then sync them to Deliverect.

Interactive tutorial

Individual steps

Step 1. To get started, navigate to your Products page from the sidebar.

Step 2. Select the + Create button.

Step 3. Choose the Variant Product option.

Step 4. Enter information about your new variant product. We recommend naming it something that easily defines the enclosed variants. Some examples could be "Pasta", "Pizza", and "Cola". Provide some more context by adding an image and description.

Step 5. Select the Add a variation button.

Step 6. Choose the products you want in your variant. View this article to learn how to create products. You can also add meal deals.

Step 7. Select the Add button.

Step 8. Select the Create button.

Additional fields are available after creating the modifier group.

- Change the status of the variant. Setting this to inactive will remove your variant from sale.

- Add product specifications about the variant. These include tags, allergens, nutritional values, and more. View this article for all possibilities.

- Check if this variant is not a physical item. This is useful if the item does not need to be counted when individually packed (only relevant for the Delivery Manager App and not available to all customers). Contact our support team for more details.

- Add more variations. Select the ⋯ button to make changes to the product, customize it only for this variant, or remove it.

- Add an existing upsell group or create one.

The new variant product will now be listed on your Products page and is ready to be used in your menus.

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