Explanations of the Different Product Types
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Multiple types of products are available in Deliverect. To help you understand the uses of each of them, read the descriptions below. Click on the links to see the steps on how to create them.


Standard items (e.g. cheeseburger, fries). How to create.

Variant Product

A way to link multiple variations of the same type of product. Each variant is a separate individual product (e.g. small cola, medium cola, large cola). How to create.


Added to products to modify (change) them (e.g. ketchup and mayonnaise modifiers for a fries product). How to create.

Modifier Group

Required to group multiple modifiers (e.g. different sauces for an ice cream product). How to create.


A combination of multiple products to create menu deals. Contains multiple sections that can consist of different products (e.g. a deal called Cheerful Meal that contains a burger, fries, and drink of a customer's choice). How to create.

Upsell Group

Add additional products to any other product type (e.g. extra cheese for a pizza). Allows you to generate extra revenue by providing optional extras to your customers. How to create.

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