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Upon opening the Delivery Manager App (DMA), you will see the Orders tab.

Interactive tutorial


Individual steps

Your orders are divided into sections according to their status.

  • New: Orders to accept

  • In Progress: Orders that have been accepted and are in the preparation stage

  • Finished: Orders that are prepared or delivered to the customer

  • Scheduled: Orders requiring preparation at a later time

View details about an order

Select an order from the list to see its details, displayed in different sections.

🅐 - Order ID, customer's name, channel, and current status

🅑 - When the order will be picked up

🅒 - Delivery notes and type

🅓 - Price of the order

🅔 - Items contained in the order

The customer info is what Deliverect receives from the delivery channel, which can vary.

Tap on Order Details to view customer details and (if necessary) assign a courier. You can also cancel the order if supported by the store.

Change an order's status

Need to change the state of an order? First, select the order from the list and then tap on the desired status.

You can also advance an order's status by swiping.

Tap on the Undo button at the bottom right to revert the status change.

Using filters

Tap on the Filter button at the top left to limit your order list to specified criteria. Use it to only display orders from selected channels or order types. You can also change the sorting of orders.

Print orders

With the Print option, manually send the order to your connected printer. If you want orders printed instantly, turn on the Automatically print option in the Receipt printing settings of your app.

Order grouping

Orders are grouped if set for pickup by the same courier, allowing for easier prioritization and packing. At present, only Deliveroo supports this functionality.

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