Set Up Notifications
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This feature is available with Deliverect Plus. To learn more, go here.

To receive an email when certain Deliverect events occur, follow the steps in this article. Enabling notifications will allow for important updates to be quickly delivered to you, even when you aren't logged in to Deliverect.

The page is found by selecting Operations in the sidebar, followed by Notifications .

The page is split into two sections:

  • Location: Notifications for specific locations.

  • Account: Notifications for account-level operations.


Step 1. Choose the location you want to create a notification for.

Step 2. Tick on the checkbox(es) for the notification(s) you want to receive by email. The following types are available:

  • Busy Mode: A channel has entered busy mode.

  • Channel Closures: A channel link is paused by the channel partner.

  • Menu Item Snooze: An active menu item is snoozed.

Step 3. Once ready, select the Create button.

To delete notifications for a location, select the trash icon. Select the pencil icon to add or remove notifications for a location.


Step 1. Tick the notification type you want to receive by email. The following types are available:

  • Failed Order Injections: An order has failed to be sent to a POS.

  • Failed Menu Push: One of your menus was unable to be published to a channel.

  • Payments KYC Completed: The setup procedure for Online Ordering payments is complete.

Step 2. Select the Save button.

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