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Use Busy Mode to Temporarily Delay Orders or Close a Location
Use Busy Mode to Temporarily Delay Orders or Close a Location
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If you are unable to keep up with orders, you can temporarily delay orders to your kitchen or close your location. This functionality is called Busy Mode.

There are two types:

  • Busy mode (orange button): This allows you to increase the preparation (prep) time for new orders. Perfect if you just need a bit of extra time or if the kitchen is overloaded.

  • Close stores (red button): This allows you to close your location and prevent any new orders from being created.

Not all delivery channels support busy mode.

Interactive tutorial


Individual steps

How to activate

Step 1. Go to your Locations page.

Step 2. Expand the location and click on the Busy mode button.

Step 3. At the top of the window, there are buttons to simultaneously open and close all stores. Each channel link has its own Close store button, and if supported, a Busy mode button.

Is one of your channels not present on the list? That means it does not currently support this feature in Deliverect. You may instead be able to close your store on that platform's website.

Clicking on the Busy mode button shows a new window where you can set the extra preparation time. Click on Confirm once a time is chosen. By clicking on the Off button, you can remove any added preparation time previously set.

Re-open stores or disable busy mode

Navigate back to this window to open your stores or remove the added preparation time.

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