Set Up and Manage Alerts
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Create an alert to be notified of important updates via email. For example, you can set up an alert to notify someone when a location is not accepting orders from a delivery channel. All users in an account can subscribe to any created alert.

Log in to your Deliverect account, select Operations in the sidebar , and choose Alerts ②.

Create an alert

To add a new alert, select the + Create button.

The following options are available:

  • Criteria: Choose the alert type:

    • Order injection failed: If an order was not sent to your POS

    • Menu publish failed: If a menu was not successfully published to a delivery channel

    • Store closed or busy mode by user: If someone has closed the store or increased the preparation time busy mode is activated (requires Deliverect Plus).

    • Item snoozed: If an item is marked as unavailable (requires Deliverect Plus). You can also filter on specific items.

    • Store closed by channel: If a store is closed from Deliverect or by the delivery channel (requires Deliverect Plus). The supported channels for this alert are Dame Jidlo, Deliveroo, DeliveryHero, DiDi Food, DoorDash, Foodora, Glovo, Grubhub,, iFood, Just Eat, Mjam, Rappi, Talabat, Uber Eats, and Wolt.

  • Locations: Choose between all locations or specific ones.

  • Notify: Select the user(s) from the dropdown you wish to notify once the alert is triggered. If you want to include people outside of your Deliverect account, select Add external users and enter their email addresses.

Select the Create button to save the alert.

Manage alerts

Created alerts are shown in the tabs:

  • Subscribed: Alerts that you are currently subscribed to.

  • Created: Alerts that you have created.

  • All: Every alert created by yourself or other users in your account.

You can view or manage an alert by utilizing the buttons next to it. The following options are available:

View the details of an alert

Subscribe or unsubscribe to an alert

If you created the alert, you can also:

Edit the alert

Delete the alert

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