Configure Holidays
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Need to close your locations on one or multiple days for a holiday or some other reason? Add the dates to your Deliverect account to automatically make your menus unavailable.

This feature is currently in beta.

Access this feature by selecting Menus in your sidebar , followed by the Scheduling tab .

Select Holidays at the top of the page.

Add/edit a holiday

Step 1. Select the Add holiday button.

Step 2. Choose the location(s) to use and enter a start date and start time. Add an end date and end time if you don't want it to be indefinite. To add additional dates, select the + Add holiday button.

Step 3. Select the Save button.

See which ordering channels support holidays

After creating a holiday, the number of supported channels will be shown. Selecting the text will show you which channels do not support this feature. For those channels, it will be necessary to make manual changes on the channel's platform. The Opening Hours feature can also amend future opening dates and times within the same week. The Busy Mode feature can close your business for the current day.

Edit a holiday

Select the pencil icon to make changes.

Delete a holiday

Selecting the delete icon will prevent the schedule from being executed. When deleting a currently active schedule, your opening hours and menu schedules will go back into effect.

What happens when a holiday is activated?

Your menu or store is closed for new orders until the end of the holiday period. To see if a holiday has started, view your Operation reports page. You will see a separate operation for each ordering channel. We use three different operation types as not all channels natively support setting holidays:

  • UPDATE HOLIDAYS: The ordering channel has support for setting holidays.

  • MENU PUBLISH: The ordering channel allows for adding holidays to menus.

  • CLOSE STORE: The ordering channel has no support for holidays. To work around this, we manually close your store.

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