Find Out Why a Store Is Closed
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Is your store not open for orders on a delivery platform? Here are some reasons why and how to resolve each one.

Your store is set to be closed

You have incorrect opening hours

Check the Opening hours tab on the Schedule page if customers can't place orders on any delivery platform for a location. Edit the opening hours if needed.

You have incorrect menu scheduling

Is your menu currently not published on the delivery platform? Ensure that the correct schedule is set on the Menu scheduling tab of the Scheduling page.

You have a holiday set

Setting a holiday closes your location. View the Holidays tab of the Scheduling page to check if one is configured. Select the delete icon to remove a holiday.

Your menu is not yet published

Follow the steps in this article if you are yet to publish your menu to a delivery platform. This is a necessary step to allow customers to place orders.

There is a delivery platform issue

If your store is only closed on one delivery platform and the above solutions didn't provide an answer, there is likely an issue with the delivery platform. Reach out to your account manager with them or their support team for assistance.

Did the above solutions not solve your issue? If so, reach out to our support team for assistance.

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