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What exactly do terms used in Deliverect mean? Find out in the table below.



Busy mode

Used to temporarily close locations or increase the preparation time of orders, learn more


A platform that allows consumers to place orders

Channel link

The unique connection between Deliverect and a channel


The person who places an order on a 3rd party application


The person who delivers an order to the consumer

Custom tag

Used to add additional data to a channel (e.g., brand), learn more


The person who purchases services directly from Deliverect

Deliverect Kitchen

Deliverect's own kitchen display screen (KDS)


Orders that are sent to the consumer

Delivery Manager App (DMA)

Deliverect's mobile app that offers order and dispatch management, learn more


Channels that provide delivery services for orders


Orders eaten at a location


A term used to describe any platform that connects to Deliverect (e.g., channels, POS)

Kitchen Display Screen (KDS)

A device that shows kitchen staff orders to be prepared


A unique physical restaurant/store/kitchen

Meal Deal

Multiple products combined with a set price (e.g., a meal deal consisting of a burger, fries, and a drink), learn more


Consists of products shown to consumers on channels


Deliverect users (like you!)


Used to alter a product and its price (e.g., ketchup for a fries product), learn more

Modifier groups

A collection of modifiers that a consumer can choose from (e.g., a group of three sauces for a fries product), learn more

Online Ordering

Customizable online menu powered by Deliverect, learn more


An action or event logged by Deliverect, learn more


Orders that are retrieved by the consumer at a location

Pickup manager

Displays orders to couriers, learn more


The unique identifier of a product

Point of sale (POS)

A terminal inside a location that allows for order processing and payment


An item that can be synced from a POS (or created directly in Deliverect), to then be included in a menu

Product sync

The action of retrieving all products existing on a POS, learn more

Product tags

Used to give additional data to a product (e.g., halal, vegetarian), learn more


Attached to a product to allow consumers to add something extra (e.g., chocolate sauce for an ice cream product), learn more

Upsell groups

A collection of upsells that a consumer can choose from (e.g., a collection of three toppings for an ice cream product), learn more


A product with different variations (e.g., four different types of pizza), learn more

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