Add Calories to Your Products
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Providing the calorie value of products adds transparency to your menu and allows customers to create orders that fit their diet. To add calorie values to your products, follow the steps below.

Interactive tutorial

Individual steps

Step 1. Log in to your Deliverect account and go to the Products page.

Step 2. Once you find the product, select the ⋯ button and choose Edit ②.

Step 3. In the Product specifications section, select the Edit link.

Step 4. Select Calories in the sidebar.

Step 5. Enter the value in the Calories field.

You may see two fields for calories instead:

  • Calorie Range - low: Enter the lowest amount of calories in this product. This will be the default value.

  • Calorie Range - high (optional): Enter the maximum amount of calories in this product. This is not supported by all channels.

If you require the ability to set calorie ranges and don't currently have access to those fields, please reach out to our support team.

Step 6. Select the Save & close button.

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