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Revo XEF: Configure Deliverect and Upload Products
Revo XEF: Configure Deliverect and Upload Products
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To add Deliverect to your Revo account, you'll need administrator rights and have received certain account information from us (explained below).

Step 1. Add our integration: go to the Integrations section found in the sidebar . Select the Add/Añadir button . Type Deliverect into the search field . Select the Add button next to Deliverect .

Step 2. Select the edit (pen) button for the Deliverect integration.

Step 3. Complete the fields:

  • Active: Yes (ticked)

  • Name: Deliverect

  • Test: No

  • Account: We'll provide you with a value to enter here. Once entered, select the Save button and re-open this window to complete the remaining fields.

  • Location: The location linked to the account. If in doubt, ask our support team.

  • Categories: The categories you want to share with Deliverect. All products you want available for delivery should be contained in the categories you select here and marked as active.

  • Price Rate: The price rate you want to share with Deliverect; more often than not you'll want to set a delivery rate here (to be configured in Revo: Table DesignerPrice Rates).

Select the Save button.

Step 4. Select the three dots in the row of our integration and choose Upload catalog .

In a few seconds, a message will display the result of the operation. If configured correctly, all products set as available for delivery are uploaded to our system.

Repeat this step each time you make changes to your delivery products.

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