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Tiller: Create Meal Deals on Tiller
Tiller: Create Meal Deals on Tiller
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Meal deals are a group of sections or blocks consisting of different selectable products. They are typically cheaper than buying all of the products separately.


Section 1: Choose your burger

  • Option 1: Cheese Burger

  • Option 2: Mexican Burguer

  • Option 3: Vegan Burger

Section 2: Choose your drink

  • Option 1: Soda

  • Option 2: Water

  • Option 3: Juice

Section 3: Choose your dessert

  • Option 1: Cake

  • Option 2: Ice-cream

  • Option 3: Chocolate


To set one up, follow the steps in this article.

Step 1. Go to your back office and select Configuration ➜ Your modules ➜ Order taken settings and activate these three modules:

  • Meal deals

  • Funnel menu management

  • Funnel menu management - Multiple quantity

Step 2. Once activated, click on Meals in the Products section of the sidebar.

Step 3. Select Build Meal.

Step 4. Add details of the meal:

  • Meal name

  • Minimum total price

  • Composition: Add an item for each part of the meal (e.g., drinks, burgers, desserts).

Step 5. Once finished, select Submit.

Step 6. Select each item followed by ADD PRODUCT . Select which products to use (a minimum of two is required).

Step 7. Once done, the name of the meal is no longer struck through.

Step 8. A meal is editable at any time by clicking on the green square to the left of its name.

If you want to see how to make an order using your personalized meal, click here.

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