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DMA: Invalid PLU When Not Using a POS
DMA: Invalid PLU When Not Using a POS
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If an order has failed because of an invalid PLU, there are ways to identify the cause and prevent it from occurring in the future.

What is a PLU?

PLU stands for price look-up. This is a unique code used by delivery channels and Deliverect to communicate a product or modifier and the corresponding price.

Where to find orders that have failed because of a PLU error

Step 1. Log in to your Deliverect account and select Orders in the sidebar.

Step 2. Use the filter to search for Failed orders.

Step 3. When expanding a failed order, an overview will be revealed. Inside the red box, an error code is displayed.


InvalidProduct: Invalid PLU: 98765
  • InvalidProduct/InvalidModifiers means the PLU of the product/modifier is not the same as on your Products page.

The PLU is provided next to the product below the error code.

Possible explanations

  • Changes have been made in Deliverect, but the menu has not since been published or did not publish successfully. Publish your menu to your delivery channel(s) to resolve this.

  • A menu was published at the same time an order was placed, causing a temporary desynchronization. Future orders should not exhibit this behavior.

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