Configure Menu Scheduling
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Set when you want menus to be published to your channels per location. This feature is also ideal for when you need to publish temporary menus (e.g. for holidays).

To find it, go to Menus in your sidebar , select Scheduling , and then choose the Menu Scheduling tab .

Filters at the top are available to limit which existing schedules are shown.

Add/edit a schedule

Step 1. Select the Add Schedule button or the edit (pencil) icon to change an existing schedule.

Step 2. Choose the timezone, menus, location, channel types, and channel links to use for this schedule. Multiple can be selected.

Step 3. Select which days and enter a publish time.

Step 4 (optional). If the schedule should start or end at a specific date, tick the Start/End Date checkbox and enter when.

Step 5. Once ready, select the Save button to activate it.

Delete a schedule

To cancel a menu from being scheduled, select the delete (trash) icon.

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