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This feature is available with Deliverect Plus. To learn more, click here.

At Deliverect, we aim to not only improve your workflow but also increase the revenue your business generates. With the Optimize feature, you can effortlessly add temporary products and update prices, then test those changes over a period of time.

For example, you could create an optimization to test if customers are willing to pay an extra price during peak hours.

Changes are non-permanent and can be stopped and reverted at any time. Do note that the tests applied will be shown to all customers; it is not a way to A/B test your menus.

Create an optimization

Step 1. Log in to your Deliverect account and click on Menus followed by Optimization in the sidebar.

Step 2. Click on the +Optimization button at the top right.

Step 3. Enter a name and choose the menu to optimize. Click on Next.

Step 4. Click on Add change.

Step 5. The available options are:

Add a new product

Select a product from your Deliverect account and the menu category. It allows you to add it temporarily to your menu.

Change a product price

Select a product and the new price.

Change entire menu price

Choose a percentage to increase/decrease all products on your menu.

Step 6. A preview of the menu is visible on the right. Click on the Next button once ready.

Step 7. Choose when and where to apply the changes.

  • Select timezone: Automatically entered, but you can select a different timezone if needed.

  • Select locations (optional): Choose the locations.

  • Select channel links (optional): Choose the channel links configured in your account.

  • Start date (optional): Choose when the change(s) should start.

  • End date (optional): Choose when the change(s) should stop.

  • Select days: Click on the days to run the optimization.

  • Start time: Choose the time to begin the optimization.

  • End time: Choose the time to stop the optimization.

Additional days and times can be created by clicking on the +.

Step 8. Click on the Save button. The optimization is now created.

Activate an optimization

Click on and choose Activate optimization . The changes will be automatically applied based on your schedule.

Edit an optimization

To make changes to an optimization, click on the edit (pencil) icon. If the test is running, you will be prompted to first deactivate it.

Delete an optimization

Click on and choose Delete optimization . The optimization must be deactivated first (draft status).

Optimization status

Optimizations can have one of the following statuses:

  • Draft: The optimization has been created but isn't activated.

  • Test scheduled: The optimization has been activated but doesn't meet the schedule criteria.

  • Test running: The optimization is currently being used on your channels.

  • Implemented: The optimization does not have a start/end date, allowing it to be run indefinitely (on the days and times specified).

View results

Expand the optimization to see the impact of your optimization it had. The change in revenue, order volume, and average order value are provided.

Permanently implement an optimization

Once a test has finished, you can make the changes permanent by clicking on and choosing Implement optimization ②.

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