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Dispatch: My Couriers
Updated over a week ago

The My Couriers page allows you to manage your couriers, view their stats, and adjust settings.

This feature is only available to customers using Deliverect for Couriers. Learn more.

To access, select Dispatch from the sidebar of your Deliverect account and choose My Couriers .


Your couriers are displayed with their status and how many locations they deliver for.

Add a courier to a location

Select the Add courier button and choose the location. Ask the courier to scan the QR code using their Couriers App.

Link or unlink locations

Select the Manage button of a courier to link or unlink them from a location.


Find out the total deliveries, distance, and earned tips of each courier. Use the filters at the top of the page to change the location and time frame.


The following settings are available:

  • Enable cash payments: Activate to track how much cash your couriers are holding. You can also set how much cash they can hold until they are required to cash out.

  • Assign orders to a delivery partner when none of my couriers are available: If nobody can deliver the order, a delivery partner is sent the job instead (requires at least one delivery partner to be configured for the location).

  • Allow only the store manager to assign new delivery jobs: Couriers are notified of new orders but cannot accept them themselves. Jobs must be assigned from the Live View page.

  • Enforce online couriers to share their locations: Activate this setting to block access to the app if the courier does not share location data with the Deliverect for Couriers app.

  • Enable geofencing for more accurate results: Use the courier's location when marking a delivery as “Delivered” to check if they are within the area of the delivery address. If the courier is not within the geofence area, they will receive a pop-up stating that the delivery can not be marked as complete (requires the Enforce online couriers to share their locations setting to be active).

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