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Dispatch: Using the Live View Page
Dispatch: Using the Live View Page
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View and manage your delivery jobs and couriers with the Live View page.

To access, select Dispatch from the sidebar of your Deliverect account.

The following options are at the top of the page:

Filter on location, order ID or customer name, partner, and status.

Export the delivery jobs as a CSV file.

Change between the default tile view and the map view.

Tile view

The tile view shows today's queued, in progress, or delivered delivery jobs.

Map view

The map view shows all orders needing to be delivered by your own couriers. You can also view the status of the couriers and manage their cash.

The map view is only available if you use the Courier App. Learn more.

Use the filters at the top of the page to switch locations and order statuses.

Jobs tab

Here are your existing jobs. The following information is provided:

Order ID

Delivery status

Expected delivery time

Delivery address

Assigned courier

Delivery job letter

Select an order to view additional details.

Order details

The order details window is split into three tabs: Delivery, Details, and Order.

At the bottom, you can track the delivery, mark it as delivered, or cancel it.

Delivery tab

Choose a courier to deliver the order by selecting the dropdown and selecting the Assign button.

Details tab

Contact details for the customer and the store.

Order tab

Contents of the order and the total price.

Couriers tab

This tab lists your couriers and their current status. You can set an online courier to offline by tapping the button and choosing Set courier offline.

The current cash of your couriers is displayed if you have activated the Enable cash payments setting on the My Couriers page. Select the current cash amount of

Full-screen mode

Select the expand button to increase the map's size by hiding the sidebar.

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