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Uber Eats: Use Different Prices for Delivery and Pickup
Uber Eats: Use Different Prices for Delivery and Pickup
Updated over a week ago

Learn how to have different menu prices for Uber Eats in this article.

Before proceeding, reach out to our support team and ask them to activate the option of having separate pricing for pickup and delivery menus.

You will need to have two menus that have the same menu name. One with products priced for delivery and the other with products priced for pickup. How to create a menu.

Ensure that the Type dropdown for each menu is correctly set. You can see the type by editing the menu.

Use an existing menu

Already have a menu you want to use? If so, duplicate it. Don't forget to change the name so that it is identical to the original (remove the "- Copy" from the name).

Publish the menus

When publishing to your Uber Eats channel, add both menus to the Select menus to publish live dropdown.

Make sure that they both have the same menu name. Failing to do so will cause separate menus to be published to Uber Eats. You can change a menu's name at the top of the Edit menu page.

You will now have separate delivery and pickup menus on Uber Eats.

Use the same prices for delivery and pickup

If you want to no longer offer different prices for delivery and pickup, simply publish a menu with the Delivery and Pickup type to your Uber Eats channel.

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